Riddim Five: Fave Hits A Perfect ‘High Five’

Fave displays growth, ambition and vision on ‘Riddim 5’.

Considering the stories she chooses to tell and her style of delivery, there’s no denying that Fave has found her confidence in taking creative tasks. She’s no longer the naive 19-year-old who released her debut single, M.O.M.M.S (Me Or Mask My Sins) which failed to elicit mainstream recognition.

With the release of her hit track, ‘Baby Riddim’, Fave catches the spotlight at last, one she could have found with ‘NBU and ‘Beautifully’.


Putting her newly found fame to good use, She unveils her debut EP tagged ‘Riddim 5’.

Obviously,  this project arrived at the perfect time and it serves as way of solidifying her rising profile and status in the music industry.


The EP starts with ‘obsessed’, a beautiful track with laid-back lyrics that reasserts Fave’s expressive artistry.  On a mid-tempo vibration, Fave sings about how madly in love she is with a man. She couldn’t have picked a better opening track than this.

The project then goes into the song ‘SMK’ the guitar powered track which translates to “Shey Oma Korin”.

Understanding your partner’s love language will help you love them better. On SMK, Fave is inquisitive about what her partner wants.

“Kilotufe” in the same way that SMK does, presents the same question, what do you want?

However, the question seems to be for naysayers this time. While Obsessed and SMK try to come close, ‘Mr Man remains the best track on this EP.

Here, Fave preaches communication.  Many would think wold when she says a man who can’t express himself through words should do so with his hands. She sings “Things you cannot say with your mouth, will you say with your hands.

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On the last track, we have ‘Baby Riddim, Fave breakout single.

Across five tracks, Fave takes the listeners through a deep dive into romance and love.

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