About Us

Afro100 is a music media, distribution and marketing communications organisation based in Lagos, Nigeria. We design and implement client-specific bespoke campaigns encompassing traditional and digital platforms. For over a decade, we’ve continuously delivered sustainable and measurable value as we deepen and harness our relationship with relevant stakeholders in the entertainment industry.

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Our services include but are not limited to the following;


Music Distribution

Afro100 take your music from the store, making it available for streams and purchase.

Music Promotion

Afro100 knows the pattern and technique to promote songs depending on their genre. Our strategies and technique have over time proven resourceful to ensure your good music isn’t just heard but loved to heart.

Digital Marketing

Music is majorly consumed digitally in today’s world. We navigate through the digital space with your sound making sure you get heard.

Traditional & Digital PR

The music is heard, so should the artist. There is a manner we unearth an artist to the world. This is our speciality; the artist will occupy the interest and the attention of fans.

Artist Development & Management

We polish and mould an artist as a brand in line with creating the right environment and engagement to thrive.

Content Creation

Content is key, it all starts with the right idea. Afro100 creative always comes up with the right initiatives for your campaigns.

Photography & Music Studio

Afro100 has a strong affiliation with the industry heavyweight for your music career, a standard studio for both music and photos. Our team is undeniably not just good but also top-notch. Our experience and resume speak concretely true of this.

Event Coverage

There is a flexible and professional team with standard cameras and auxiliary tools. They cover your event in sync with your expectation and event ambience to give the right cinematic content.

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