How To Make Your Lunch Break Worth Taking

Working through your lunch hours might help you complete that task, but I hope you know it isn’t a recipe for success. Infact, scarfing down your lunch at your desk is an habit that can hurt you in the long run.

Experts say the lunch hour is essential for keeping one’s productivity and energy levels up especially when you make it count.

Tempting as it might be to work through lunch or gets tucked with your meal on your desk, resist the urge.  Remember your happiness depends on how you choose to spend your time.

Do you feel lunch break isn’t important? Are you one of those people who think taking a proper lunch break is a waste of time?

Then you need these helpful tips to make the most of your lunch time.

Get up & Get out

Truth is we sit alot;  in the car, at work and even at home. Let your lunch hour be different. Even on occasions where you feel you must work through lunch, try to move away from your desk- atleast for a few minutes.

Going on a walk will not only be good for your health, it will also improve your mood as you get some fresh air and sunshine. Spending your lunch break outside can increase your vitamin D levels, improve concentration, and boost well-being.
If a walk doesn’t sound tempting, do whatever you can to get fresh air: open your windows, call any of your loved ones while getting some sunshine.

Eat healthy foods

One way to make your lunch hour count is by eating healthy and mindfully. Don’t be too quick to finish up your meal. Eat slowly and enjoy the moment. Ensure you include nutritious food and fruits that will help your brain and also give you strength.

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Even on days where you can’t take a long break, or you feel too exhausted to do anything? Just eat. Close your laptop, put away your phone, and just enjoy your meal.

Meal Plan For The Next Day

If a stressful workday leaves you feeling out of control in your life, making plans and getting organized can help you feel in control again. However, don’t spend this time scheduling meetings or prepping your presentation.
Instead, prepare something just for you, like planning out recipes for the next day that you’ll look forward to eating. Not only will it give you something to look forward to, but you’ll feel a little more in control of your well-being.

Network And Catch Up With Friends.

Another way to enjoy your lunch break is catching up with your friends and colleagues. Make use of this small window of time to get to know your co-workers over a relaxed meal and chilled drink. You can still talk about work during this time,  but it will be more relaxed. This will help you reconnect your senses and even make you more creative.

Do what makes you happy
Doing things that make you happy during your lunch break will have you go back to your desk with a different mindset.

Spend your break getting away from work by engaging in activities like listening to music or podcast,  reading a book, or watching an interesting movie. Whatever medium you prefer, ensure you enjoy it away from your desk.

Focusing on a different subject during your break will allow you return to your desk refreshed and enough energy to run the second half of the match.

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