5 Things Men Want To Hear In Bed

Do you know that saying sweet things and dirty talk can make your man perform better in bed?

Sexual remarks boost men’s confidence and also make them feel aroused. Men love to hear things that will drive them wild as it keeps them fantasizing about you even when you’re not there.

Below are some of the lines you can say to your man in bed:

I want you so bad

When you put ‘so bad’ at the end of any phrase, it makes it much more exciting for both him and you. The urgency in the utterance tells him how bad you need him. Whisper this phrase into his ears as you kiss his neck. It’s a surefire way to drive him crazy, hence making his imagination run wild.


This only means one thing; he’s doing everything right and you want more. Keeping the silent attitude in bed isn’t the best. Tell him what you want. Do you want it harder or faster? Then speak up! Every man wants to satisfy his woman so don’t hesitate to communicate your want to him.

Say His Name

Some men love it when their partner calls their name in bed especially in a soft manner. As you whisper his name, close your eyes to show him you’re still thinking about him during the act. It also prove to him that his body his satisfies you. This is a great confidence booster for him as you begin to call out his name.

Things men love to hear I bed

Do what you want with me

This is the same as saying “Baby, I’m all yours tonight”.

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For most men, this is all what they need to hear and you’d be surprised to see how far they are ready to go to make you happy. Men love it when they are in charge and even love it more when they are free to do what they want with their ladies.


However, be sure you’re ready to explore before giving yourself completely to him so you don’t miss out on the pleasure.

Oh my God! I love it

This is one of the best phrase men want to hear in bed.Ladies only say this when their partner hit the right spot or when they reach orgasm.

At this point, the man is motivated to do more as the phrase ‘Oh my God, I love it’ mess with his emotions and he’ll just want to do everything possible to make his woman feel that way for long.

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