Twice as tall (Album Review)

Burna recently just released another highly anticipated album after his last year’s album which earned a nomination at the Grammy’s. The album title is ‘Twice as tall’ produced by P. Diddy and is expected to smash through to greatness, journey with me as I take you through the corridor of Burna boy’s new body of work.

The album ‘Twice as tall’ cover portrays Burna boys as a giant with people on his shoulder with his artistic emblem on the sole of his boot as he takes a leap and the background of the pyramid of Giza and popular Benin Kingdom art.

  • Level up (Twice as tall) feat Youssou N’Dour kicks off with a country music emphasising twice as tall and thrice as wide. Burna boy dishes his struggle, his journey and challenges. Youssou N’Dour came through as a music veteran with his supersonic traditional flow, accent and of course, language and chant. There is just no other sound as his. P. Diddy sums up with bridging between black and diaspora emphasising the struggle that bind both world.
  • Alarm Cocks itransits simultaneously from the first track. Alarm Clock is a wake up call for his artistry.
  • Way too big is tha funky flow which addresses the assumption surrounding his life and unviels the grandeur of his persona.
  • Bebo is that crunk Afrobeat. You just want to dance with the high life sound and strings that accompanies it, soronous and groovy.
  • Wonderful is the first released track outta the album, an accapella with sounds from the Cape of GoodHope blended with a language and vibes from the Niger. A dope synergy.
  • Onyeka feels like you got Burna boy on stage, the sounds and song arrangement is intriguing. Get a beer on this one, and better off with the love of your life by the side. This is the new school highlife.
  • Naughty By Nature exposes his early days, the struggles and how he rolls. He brought Naughty by Nature on Naughts by Nature which better way would it go? Tha classic flow wasn’t omitted.
  • Comma got me wondering what it is ready. Perhaps; a place, a locality, or maybe a slang. You should shaku shake on this
  • No fit Vex emphasises the need for space, understanding and tolerance in the course of living. The need for a good heart and that truly, each to his own. This takes you on sober reflection
  • 23 is the iconic number of Michael Jordan, 23 is simply Burna boy’s state of music and had to put it in a song.
  • Time Flies is the music for the burnfire in the safari. He had to bring Kenya’s group, Santi Sol. This one is electrifying, transcending and hypnotising. The East African vibe is too hard and undeniably piercing, ending with statement of black excellence.
  • Monster You Made is revolutionary and expository of the neglect by the government, the effect of colonialism and the impending chaos that might follow. He features Chris Martin of Cold Play who is reputed for his strong political stand and soronous voice couldn’t have been any better fit for the chorus.
  • Wetin dey sup is Burna boy’s savagery mode. He cast his PH (Port Harcourt) state of mind on the song.
  • Real life is a total wowed out song with British rapper and singer whose verse is hypnotizing. Real life is a song of reflection about the very the state of life, itself, the struggle and the blessings we barely count.
  • Bank on it emphasises on living life to the fullest and the need for grace.

One major feat of this Twice as tall is the intense lyricism and and content which is somewhat rare for Afrobeat artiste. Words can’t describe or emphasis the context or content of the body of work in it truest form. A 4 star rated album, no cap.

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