Top 5 Songs From Joeboy That Proves His Artistic Prowress

Joeboy has clearly made his niche in the industry. With a good number of hit songs to his credit, he has proven his worth and he is obviously here to stay.

Joseph Akinwale, popularly called Joeboy took music lovers by surprise with the release of his hit single ‘Baby’, one of the biggest breakout songs of 2019. With its infectious hooks and rich melody, ‘Baby’ was an instant hit, becoming one of the top songs across various streaming platforms.

Few months later, he delivered ‘Beginning’, an obvious hit which proves that Joeboy is more than an one hit wonder.  Since then, he’s been submitting crazy tunes back to back.

Here are top 5 songs that proves Joeboy’s staying power in Nigeria’s highly competitive music industry.


If you didn’t catch the ‘Baby shey you dey for me as I dey for you ‘ fever in 2019, then you’re probably one of those hard guys/girls left in this generation. Joeboy made a beautiful entry into mainstream with the beautiful track. It’s definitely going to remain a jam everytime we listen to it.

Don’t Call Me Back Ft. Mayourkun

Joeboy solidifies his name on the lists of grounded music acts in Nigeria with this Mayourkun’s assisted single. Checking out the duo’s team work, one would agree that the song deserves all the accolades it got when it was released. He couldn’t have gotten a better featured artist than Mayourkun .


Like his other projects with mushy Vibes and love themes, Focus chronicles Joeboy’s encounter with a lady whom he desire to have his partner. As expected,  he passed across his message in his usual two-minute banger.

Show Me

Show me is a fast paced track that contains every necessary ingredient. Its effortlessly a hit. On this track, Joeboy speaks on the importance of loving one’s partner in actions and not just words.


Sip (Alcohol)

Saving the best for the last! Here we have the song that took Joeboy’s craft to another level. Since it release in October, the hit song has been breaking and setting records.

Alcohol is one of the few songs to dominate TurnTable Top 50 for weeks. At some point, it became the most streamed song in Nigeria with over 20million views on YouTube.

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