The Squid Game Is Here Already

If indeed, debt is the new slavery, the creditor is definitely the slave master. There is a chain of viral messages going around the public urging people to call their loved ones and friends to order concerning some money they owe. The incessant flow of these messages and the content is quite disturbing.

One may begin to wonder who is lending so much money to the public in these hard times. In order to unlock the perspective, Where are these schemes are heading. Let’s take a look at the content of one of these viral messages.

Your acquaintance is firstly accused of defrauding and refusal of paying up. Thereafter, you are obliged to call your friend to pay before a deadline.

Who lends freely in these perilous times. It appears it is a ploy to pacify these times and bud people’s right. On the flip side, it put me bounty hunters (Credit company workers) on a pay-roll doing their dirty jobs. It makes me wonder isn’t the collateral system, a call for peace. Rather, it is the negative and somewhat threatening text tainting people’s image and potentially truncating relationships. Are these Credit Company really out to help? Are they aware of the economic situation in these dire times, obnoxious or taking advantage of the situation?

This is quite disturbing and maybe an emerging oppressive system before our own very eyes.

In Nigeria at the moment, people will take any money for whatever reason to survive. Creating an (oppressive) capitalist system the people will fall for is intentional and sinister.

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Don’t go borrowing

Behold, the Squid Game

Stay Woke

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