The Second Wave: Ruger Reinitiates Another Greater Pandemic

The Second Wave is the second EP of Ruger after Pandemic EP. The 4-track EP has proven his music agility and that he owes himself the state of being consistent and better.

These are just mere words and expectations but one thing holds, if you love Pandemic, you would definitely love The Second Wave. Besides, there couldn’t have been any other befitting name for the EP. Shoutout to Jonzing World and the team for pulling the smart intellectual game. Without further ado, let’s get right into the tracks.

The second wave EP cover

Champion is the introductory track of the EP underscoring the artistic journey of Ruger. He brings to the table a braggadocious meal of his struggling times, his rise and his strength and what is to come. The song coupled with an orchestral mood and his stylish Afro patois unravel his consistency.

Useless is not a surprising feat of Ruger rhythmic and lyrical wordplay when he adores the lady. This is somewhat reminiscent of ‘Bounce’ off his first EP, Pandemic. Useless is definitely off the hook. Ruger definitely knows how to appreciate his female fans.

Snapchat is one sick slow jam that got Ruger ‘bursting our brains’. Snapchat unveils Ruger as a loverboy and yet, a bad man. No better way to illustrate this?

Dior just made me just wanna slow dance holding a girl’s waist. The instrumental is a perfect synergy of highlife and afrobeat bounce. This isn’t a love song though and very lovable. Dior is a murdered song for when you and your goons wanna pull up.

With all these impeccable smashes and hits which has come through from the Pandemic unto The Second Wave. Going like this, Ruger is definitely heading above the A list category. The second EP is a flowing tide of the first and worthy of listening. A debut album surprisingly might constructively change the game. Ruger might pull it through and only time will tell. Until then, Ruger fans and music lovers will bask in the musical infection of The Second Wave.

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