The Shattawale Outcry: A Tale of Noise misted with Hate

The recent Shattawale saga is quite funny and worrisome. It underlines the prosecution Nigerians face for being the people of Nigeria they indeniaby are. It underscores the division between black people especially, Africans. Also, it unviels the burden of successful people.

“They said I won’t be able to fill my own stadiums, I don’t need any Nigerian artiste to sell out Ghana’s stadium, f**k Nigerian artistes.” It is absurd that a musician who has filled up a stadium would call out a nation to hate. What was Shattawale thinking when he did this? It got me thinking if he gave it a second thought. Perhaps. he was intoxicated and was forced to vomit a deep rooted resentment. I personally feel Shattawate isn’t only unhappy but also jealous about the recent milestone success of Nigerian artiste.

As Nigerians, we have been subject of one form of prosecution from our African brothers. More often times, we are the major target for hate. There is a sort of mainstream impression amongst other Africans that Nigerians are better off. These impression more often follows with the validation to cheat and hate Nigerians. Nigerians in Africa diaspora can relate with this particular phenomenon. Though as Nigerians, we fuelled this call owing to our braggadocious and lousy attitude. And who comes to our rescue, …

As Africans, we still have a long way to go in accepting ourselves as a people. A people of different nationality bonded by race and colour. Our colour is the identification of our people. The reason we suffered so much historically and even till this day. There is no way out, it’s United, We Stand OR Divide, We Fall.

Nigeria and Ghana relations has had it share of it bitter and sour history. It would be a shame in this era of globalization to recreate such. Worse off, ignited by young Africans. Wizkid got a simple message in response to the whole drama. In his words;

And I want you guys to know it is one love. It is one Africa baby. Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, we are all the same people.

Burnaboy has stepped into the issue too. He has been a Pan-African element in his music journey and was once a friend to Shatta wale. It is normal for friends to fight. Burn a boy is infuriated by Shattawale’s recent actions and wants a fight fair if agreed. If Shattawale were up to it, he would step to the ring. He has call up for a freestyle which Burnaby has agreed to but should follow up with the fight. Hopefully they get what they want, settle the scores (percieved and real) amicably and end the drama, once and for all.

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