Oxlade: It Ashewo Season Indeed

There shouldn’t be much fuss about Oxlade sex tape except that it was Oxlade. Oxlade is a Nigerian music star who should be a role model to the younger ones. Okay, yes and true but we should ask ourselves this, why has the sex tape gone viral and trended? We may appear like a society moulded on morals but in reality, we love dearly these extreme values of westernization, the cultural liberalism that comes with it. The caveat to it is that we sort of like it from some specific kind of people; the rich and famous. A fact, many may not accept.

There is no clear account as to how the video leaked but it raises the moral question, even out of private intent, is it right to do a sex tape? It could have been a leak with or without Oxlade consent. However, one of the reasons the video went viral is partly that a lot of people love the thrill. Some may come up with lamentations of ‘this generations’ and all but it doesn’t solve the problem? And perhaps these are the vagaries of today’s world, one has to live with. The question is how did it become trendy? And what kind of people are we, are we in or out for it, or maybe don’t even give a hook about it? Well, it is the first and definitely, won’t be the last.

The craziest thing I heard about the sex tape from a friend is that he let it out for his forthcoming album. I asked him, ‘man, how can you be sure of that?’. He replied Oxlade even put it in a song, the Baddest boy Refix. And the lyric goes thus, ‘Omo, na 2022, and e go plentiful. Ashewo season everywhere.’ Okay, isn’t it funny and creepy at the same time?

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Nevertheless, it is ashewo season for real. Let the young man breathe.

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