NS10V10 (Wizkid Vs Vybz Kartel): A Worthless and Unhealthy Rivalry

NS10V10 Wizkid Vs Vybz Kartel: A Worthless and Unhealthy Rivalry

NS10V10 is a battle of hit was organised by BET over who is a better hit maker between Wizkid and Vybz Kartel. Viola, the rivalry began and twitter went berserk on it. A direct healthy competition between the two (duo) would it be a bad idea for the fun, at least but do the two kings have to battle for superiority over an imagery space.

Wizkid is to Afrobeat as Vybz Kartel is to dancehall These are two different feels, music is universal and generic. That’s not to say these genres are not two different element that reaching out to souls. So what is the need for NS10V10?

As black people, as a race, there is an entire feel we bring into music that is unexplainable. If music is truly spiritual as we think, we are the ones possessed of some sort of ‘weird spirits, one take must be put in place and not given absolute possession of some sort. As fans, we want to be fair and yet, ahead, we are the reason artistes ego dashes.

Most artistes from Africa. and likely as for the Carribean probably do not have any form of support for music at the initial. Music became an unquenchable spark in the midst of daily struggles in a society that is appears not to work. Where it is practically difficult to pratronise an artiste in any way though. Yet,these artiste are at our mercy for a good ant successful run, still we cannot amplify the love. Rather we play on the shine of other artiste as if ours aren’t held in esteem coupled with our needless show for supremo try and fuelled rivalry. This kind of dominance isn’t achievable.

Most European and American fans are giving a lot to their artiste because of the system. Thus, an artiste’s dominion or greatness can be void of rivalry and competition. Your core fans are out there, the ones you can’t mess and they keep you on your toes. They are a reflection which actually dictates the kind of superstar an artiste is, a role model or some nuisance.

From Gaza, Jamaica to Ojuelegba, Nigeria; the struggle is somewhat the same and the reason why we are being played. In as much as the world is ours, the world is against us. Afrobeat and Dancehall on the world stage is still an alternative sound. We are winning at home but not on the global stage and any form of rivalry or competition is not the way, we rather just stay on our lane if we aren’t lifting each other.

Nobody throws comparison between pop, rap, country, rock, metal and other genre. So why all of sudden, afrobeat and dancehall rivalry is about to become a norm. If we are not careful, our sound will retribalise us. It is hightime we put anything such as NS10V10 to rest.


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