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Music Refix: A Nouvel Musical Conscious Innovation

There appears to be a nouvel practice among celebrities in the music industry at the moment. It is the act to jump on an original song and making a refix out of it. This new act has expanded the horizon of musical innovation, amplification and maybe, resuscitation.  It should be shocking any longer when a refix may appear better. It must just be an artistic way to connect and appreciate a piece of music or sound that just picks you up.

Buju’s Italy refix is dominating the airwave and earning high streaming numbers. This music is a product of innovation and connection. What could have been going on in his head when he heard the original. South Africa’s music duo, Blaq Diamond must be referred to as the brain box of the music. Hence without them, there will be no such music at all. Italy is a funky song that hangs in both House and Amapiano genres. It will be part of their forthcoming album. While we thought we have heard everything about the funky song, Buju came through with refix, not just amplifying and improvising the sound alone but also, broadening the audience.

Nigeria’s Buju left no breathing space on the chorus, he filled every space with the right melody, his verse had a subtle switch up tone pelting repetitive rhymes. Buju must have been caught in the right moment when he heard and could relate to it. Refix has become a trend of some sort amongst new age artistes. The funny thing about a refix is that it may be far more accepted than the original, or even better. There are cases the refix eventually blows up the original. Ckay is a testimony to this after Nwantiti became an international multi-platinum hit, two years after the original release.

However, it is worthy to note that without the original, there would be no such thing as a refix. Every building must have a foundation, without it, it wouldn’t exist. In this regard, cheers to music legends and icons whose works are reference points and samples to the great works of music. They got inspired by the world and let the world be inspired by them.

Come to think of it, is there any musician or artiste out there who hasn’t made a cover? I doubt there are. And isn’t that a refix, just saying!

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