Mercy Aigbe’s New Marriage And The Unending Drama

You probably must be wondering why there’s so much drama surrounding Mercy Aigbe’s new marriage. The bashing and criticism seems unending.
Why? Isn’t she supposed to be commended for giving love a chance again after her former marriage crashed on domestic violence reasons?
Well, fans are not taking it easy on the actress since she revealed the new man in her life. So,  what has she done wrong and what happened exactly? Let Afro100 explain

How It Started

Mercy Aigbe on Sunday sent the internet into a frenzy when she shared a post revealing her new lover and self acclaimed ‘the owner’. Incidentally, her new man is no other than the popular Yoruba movie marketer, Kazeem Adeoti.

This post, however, stirred reactions on social media as some Nigerians claimed Mercy snatched her new man from his wife.

One of the reactions that took many by surprise is that of her ex-husband, Lanre Gentry who shared an old picture of himself, Mercy Aigbe, her new lover and his wife.
Gentry in that post, thanked God for revealing one of the numerous truths about his marriage to the popular actress.

He wrote: “At last, I thank God the truth is out, this is just one of many to God be glory”.

Now, there’s a call for DNA Test

Few hours after Mercy Aigbe revealed her new husband, some Nigerians called for a DNA Test over the striking resemblance of the actress’ son, Juwon and her new lover.
Check out the photos below to spot the resemblance


Reacting to concerns over the paternity of his son, Lanre Gentry confirmed that Juwon is his biological son.

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He wrote: “What is life? I thank everyone for your comments and advice about my lovely son, Olajuwon Gentry.”
“My son is my son 100%. I love him so much. There is nothing in this world that can separate me from my children.

Did Mercy truly snatched her new man?

Amidst speculations and opinions flying around, Mercy Aigbe has debunked claims that she snatched her new lover from his wife.
Speaking to Morayo of TVC ‘Your View”, the beautiful actress said her husband is a Muslim and he is entitled to more than one wife.

I spoke to her (Mercy) last night, she told me the man is muslim. He’s entitled to more than one wife. So yes, he has issues with his first wife and he is now married to her as second wife. As a second wife, doesn’t she deserve to be happy? Morayo quoted Mercy Aigbe as saying.

What Is Adekaz’s first wife saying?

Despite news making the rounds on social media, Funsho, Adekaz’s first wife is yet to make any official statement as regards her husband’s new marriage.

Even though many speculated that Mercy snatched Funsho’s husband, some reports still have it that Adekaz’s 22-year-old marriage already hit the rock when Funsho refused to relocate to Nigeria with the ace movie marketer.

Opinion: Lanre Gentry Needs To Do Better

In September 2021, Mercy Aigbe’s ex-husband, Lanre got married to his new heartthrob amidst pomp and pageantry. This, many thought is a clear indication that the hotelier has moved one, but recent development has proved otherwise.

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Moving on should be a complete act and this include not getting bothered about his ex-wife new life or marriage.  This writer feels Lanre Gentry’s public appreciation to God for revealing the truth was not needed. No one asked for his opinion afterall.

Sharing old pictures isn’t enough to prove that the actress cheated while they were still a couple. Anyways, he could have done better by providing concrete evidence.

A DNA Test result can be considered a valid evidence to prove that the actress cheated. But this writer doubts that Gentry would want to go for this option. It could mean the hotelier lost both home and away. Well, we can’t say.

But given the striking resemblance between Adekaz and Mercy’s son, we can’t ignore the chances of something fishy.

So Is Mercy Aigbe Innocent?

Mercy Aigbe is obviously not Innocent. But it’s safe to say she has pulled a neat trick this time. This writer wasn’t expecting less.

She has given reasons to support her action and they undeniably valid.

First is she deserves to find love again. While Adekaz’s marriage to Mercy is his second attempt at love, it is Mercy’s third attempt to marriage.

Gentry might be spilling the truth that the actress cheated on him given that Mercy has been linked to different men before. But he has nothing to proof his claims.

Remember the receipt she submitted in 2017 while accusing her ex-husband of domestic violence? That is what a valid evidence looks like.


While Mercy continues to enjoy her life as Adekaz’s second wife, Gentry should either move on and enjoy his married life too or he provides concrete evidence to prove his claims.

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And to concerned Nigerians, let everybody rest!


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