Love Damini: An Afrofusion Dough Well Served

‘Love Damini’ is the latest studio album of Burna boy. He released the body of work at about the period of his birthday. The Nigerian International artiste has earned the accolade of a successful artiste who has broken through unfamiliar hurdles to be the artiste he is today. The Grammy Award winner isn’t done,’ Love Damini’ is the continuation of what he has to offer the world again-another account of his ray but more importantly, another good album to his discography.


‘Glory’ started with native songs from South Africa and a birthday rendition. After which he pour his heart, taking you on the journey of his struggle-You definitely would journey with him accompanied with the hypnotising keys, note, strings and the well placed bass line.

‘Science’ is the afrobeat you will bump your head to, Burnaby loves women and has his way of adoring the ladies. He came through with another ‘lamba’ lamenting another experience.

Burna boy is a bad boy and he doesn’t hide the feat. Rather, he unleashes another shade on the mic. J Hus follows through with bars bragging right, ryhmes, rythme & lyrics; all were tight to the brim. What else were you expecting from ‘Cloak & Dagger’. It is another bad boy ‘aesthetics’ and a gangster opera to end it.

Kilometres has been with us long time, you would definitely wanna dance again. Been in the game for long and has paid due-statement made. Chopsticks made us dance.

Burna boy flex, twist and play on ‘Jegele’. His art of gibberish, adlibing and adroit use of baritone unravel another of his women experience.

’Whiskey’ is a intense patch of his activism. He bares the struggles of his country, Nigeria. He paints the struggle uncensored and let loose the pain from the voices of the afflicted.

We are the generation that celebrate heartbreak, how we have accepted it as a part of our reality baffles me. ‘Last Last’ is the celebration of the good times thereafter.

Amapiano might be here to stay forever. People of mutual likes would definitely harmonise like Burnaby and Victory did on Different size! This is a dancing eulogy in appreciation for a woman’s backside.

’It’s Plenty’ is the typical of 90’s Nigeria street jam. It’s the Nigerian celebration in bountiness.

‘Dirty secrets’ is another untold scandal of what people don’t do. Another sexcapade unlurks, a lovely rendition of the thoughts of a culprit.

’Toni-Ann Singh’ is a dancehall collaboration with Jamaica’s dancehall heavyweight, Popcaan. Another one for the ladies and to whine to.

’Solid’ will put you in the funk, Blast & Kehlani came through with their ‘ride or die’ energy on a ‘ride or die’ song.

‘For my Hand’ is a synergy of Burnaboy and Ed Sheeran for most part, harmonised in the same order The soothing lyrics and touching vocals drive shivers to the spine-This beautiful heartwarming song will hit more at the right moment.

‘Rollercoaster’ takes it to the streets of Nigeria and Peuto Rico and creates magic with Burna and J Balvin respectively. This one will warm you up for the summer moment.

Vanilla is another encounter and experience with the women. Another tale of someone battling with the booty call.

Common Person couldn’t emphasis better the values, the challenges and the peace of the regular everyday people. This highlife genre song is definitely for the chills as the sax and note flows.

Khalid’s quick fast take on Wild Dreams’ was spontaneous and put his soul into it followed by Burna’s on an emotional terrain. The song ended with cautious wise word of wisdom.

‘How Bad could it be’ is a profound sad song with a flood of emotions, slow melodies and bleak lyrics. It began and ended with words of Jorja Smith, Kamal Usman and others on how they handle bad times.

’Love Damini’ bares Burna boy, worth, challenge, struggle, flaws, regret and followed with native South African songs from Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

This doesnt seem to be an Afrobeat album, he calls it Afrofusion. By virtue of the fact that the genre of this album is multifaceted from dancehall, world, Amapiano, R n B, hip hop, funk, soul, House and many more. Then it is what it is. ‘ Love Damini’ is one dope Afrofusion album.

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