KingKoss Comes Through with ‘Feeling Irie’

KingKoss is the new kid on the block and at the start of his career. Afrobeat sound is about to witness the influx of a new styled sound. The US-based African musician is at the inception of his solo career after having successfully led the versatile group ‘Blackstarx’. He is an electric artiste who is merging the sounds of pop, hip pop, r n b and afrobeat to create his music.



His catchy vocal and style of melody define him. KingKoss has a couple of dope tracks in his discography which will be choked up with a large collection of good music. ‘Feeling Irie’ is his latest track constituted by an infectious hook, sweet talking vocals and a soothing beat. His soprano voice accompanied by the adroit use of rhyme and rhythm is attention-grabbing. He didn’t take on ‘Feeling Irie’ alone as he brought De-eye to the booth. De-eye delivers a well-deserved rap performance with his glossy voice.


KingKloss review of ‘Feeling Irie’ says


If my reggae knowledge serves me right, the word ‘Irie” refers to ‘high’ so ‘feeling  Irie” is ‘feeling high’. True to the title of this banger, you will be left intoxicated even if you have given up on drugs.

The stage is set and another Afrobeats star is on the rise. KingKoss is a name to remember and time will tell.



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