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Jeff South and His Musical Itinerary

Jeff South formerly known as Jeff Sax recently put to signing with a new record label, Hondred Ghost Records. Afro100 meeting the young lad was quite an exciting experience. He has an aura that is endearing to his persona. Perhaps, his good looks with the neatly shaved beards like that of a Marvin Gaye, who knows? I rather leave that call for the ladies.

It is somewhat anew musical journey for Jeff South ever since his metamorphosis from Jeff Sax. As he, he fell in love with music during his childhood courtesy to days as a singer in the church. In church, he learnt the musical instruments. He plays the keyboard, guitar and saxophone. This brushes his singing skill owing to his broad knowledge of music keys and notes. Isn’t he still a church boy ’cause till age, he doesn’t drink nor smoke yet, somewhat hyper-tha natural hyper. Isn’t that unusual for a secular artist?

It is a tough industry to break through and Jeff South is gaining momentum with his sonorous tenor voice. He is receiving accolades for his good music already. With time, it certainly should spread out to a bigger audience and listeners. He actually has an impressive followership on social media which isn’t surprising as such, looking at his musical imprint in Benin. His active days as an instrumentalist for some veteran artist and having played in big events such as the Headies Awards which he eked out a living for then. He still got his hustle on as an event planner at the moment. And if truly Jeff South is second to none, it is forever goodbye to backing any artist.

Prior to now, he has been doing covers back to back before he was carried along by Matthew Moses, the CEO of Hundred Ghost whom he was working with as an event planner initially. So far, the musical deal is doing fine and there is a lot of optimism for greater things as a team in the future.

Lovers of good music and his fans should be expecting a music video from his record labels first sigh, ‘life no balance’ which he sang alongside his label colleague, Alhaji Sweetest. The single isn’t just good music but has gathered impressively over 50,000 streams in about month and coupled with a dope music video that dropped recently, the wave is still coming through

Jeff South will be doing a lot of work in the booth to show what he’s got. What he has is good music, no doubt. The future indeed, awaits the greatness of Jeff South.

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