Inside Shatta Wale, Strongman’s Silent Beef

It’s no secret entertainment industry loves beef. Celebrities hit at each other for different reasons. In strongman and Shatta Wale’s episode, it’s a case of ‘he doesn’t like me, I don’t like him too.’

Well this is what Strongman said and Shatta Wale is yet to respond.

Strongman in a recent interview revealed  that he does not like his colleague, Shatta Wale because the popular dancehall artist does not like him too.

According to him, Shatta Wale has never said any thing good about him and he still can’t fathom what wrong he has done to deserve such treatment.

He said: “Shatta doesn’t like me and I also don’t like him. So we are not cool. On many occasions, I haven’t seen or heard him say anything good about me. Never!”

“Shatta Wale’s fans are aware and my people know, so we know what’s happening. It’s not a big deal and I have accepted it in good faith. Anytime he speaks  and I am mentioned, then I am aware he will give it to me”.

  1. The talented rapper added that “I have never hit at him so I don’t understand what bad I have done to him. But I have been doing this work for a while now and I’m used to everything. I don’t care who likes me”.

Recall, Strongman during a question and answer session with fans in 2020  revealed that Shatta Wale rejected his request for a collaboration.

Since then fans have been suspecting a silent beef between the two talented artists.

However, the speculations have been confirmed with Strongman’s revelation and everyone is eager to hear Shatta Wale’s response.


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