How To Get Through ‘Long-lasting’ January

Nobody wants a long and gloomy day in January, a month known to be tiring and prolonged.

Yes, I just said January is long. Obviously, this is no news to many of us but I’m saying this to let you know that you’re not the only one feeling this way. I know most people are already feeling the month is dragging.

As the day passes by slowly, so is the next payday looking as if it won’t come. Well, instead of ruining your mood/day all month long, you should adopt these steps to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

While some are focused on diet and exercise, there are also many which help improve your wellness.

* First off, check your calendar regularly to monitor the number of days left for the month to end. This will also help you know how close you are to your payday.

* Unfollow or mute every account that doesn’t make you feel inspired.

*Take your finances serious. Watch how you spend and things you spend on.

* Improve your relationship with food by eating with self-love instead of self-criticism

*Schedule multiple one-minute breaks into your workday to take deep breaths or walk around

* On days you don’t feel like exercising, try to workout

* Make a list of your top 10 sources of stress, and then identify solutions for each of them

* Listen to good music. To update your playlist with good music, don’t miss out on our New Music Friday weekly post

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* Download a meditation app like Headspace or Calm

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* Prioritize your friendships. Spend more time with your family and people that make you happy.

* Cultivate the habit of using gratitude journal every day for a week

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* Delete the news apps on your phone; don’t allow anything put you under pressure or even mess with your mental health.

*Smile often, it makes you look younger and worry less.

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