Hazino (The Zaga Zigi crooner): The Manifestation of The Dark Horse

Hazino is one perfect fit for the description, ‘small but mighty’. The slim handsome fair skin lad appears to always smile at default but with a microphone in front of him, a beast unleashes. Hazino is a’ local rapper’ to crave for. The graduate of International Relations and Diplomacy started writing his own songs at the age of 11. Thereafter, he began music professionally in 2015. He recorded his first track,’ Owo Wa’ which till date has not seen the light of the day.

A seeming awful kickoff isn’t the definition of one’s journey in life. From 2015 till date, Hazino has been showered with praises, accolades and awards including the Artiste of the Year Award at the Prestigious Noble Awards in Cotonou which he won back to back, a feat no one has fulfilled. Back home in Nigeria, he won Song of the Year Anucca Award in Ibadan amongst other.

Aside his smashing singles out there on all music platform, his stage presence is a big factor to rever with as as it is usually comprising with goose bumps and ‘wilding’. He is leaving a mark already. At present, it can be likened to child’s play compared to what the future holds. In his words

I believe in years time, my name will be mention when talking about the greatest musicians out of Africa. Doing music because that is what I love doing. I take it very important and I’m not having plans to retire in the future,
I’m doing music for life.

The Bariga born and bred is a spark burning through a thread reaching for the powder keg. Legend has it there is no stopping it. With so much energy and force in action combusting from Hazino,’ zaga zigi’ in due time will be a household slogan.

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