One on One with American Rapper, Gramzunkut

On the wave with Gramzunkut


Afro100 had a moment with one of New York’s finest rappers, Gramzunkut. Hip hop legend Kid Capri acknowledges he’s got fire and that’s without a doubt. The rapper has performed alongside Jay-Z, Chief Keef, Benny Butcher, Uncle Murda, Cassidy and many more. He is greatly influenced by the likes of Slick Rick, Tupac, BDP, NWA and many more. Today is contributing a great share to the hip-hop culture.

Gramzunkut is living it up with his visual “Wanna Ride On My Wave’. The beautiful women, bottles, lifestyle, his drippy fashion statement and braggadocious gestures don’t dwell in isolation. It comes with a purpose, with the bar he utters got a viewer glued. Gramzunkut has been embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, swaying into fashion and having his own clothing line. Without a doubt, he is evolving and getting better. Our time with the New York’s very own goes thus,

Q: What is the story or inspiration behind the name, ‘Gramzunkut’?

A: GRAMZUNKUT meaning them grade A uncut grams for of dope for ya veins meaning I’m raw as fuck & once get tune in to me your addicted to my lyrics, delivery & style.

Q: Tell us about your upbringing and your journey into music.

A: Being born in the temple of hip hop the Bronx NYC i embraced and partook in the hip-hop scene from birth and made my way into the entertainment industry dy doing street team promo work and gradually climbing the ladder to success where i am today.

Q: Haven been in the game for long and witnessing the evolution of rap, would you say the rap game is adultered or rather, is advancing for good in regards to new rap related genre such as trap, mumble raps and the new trends and genre in the hip hop culture.

A: Yes i am a fan of all emerging sounds of hip hop I’ve seen it grow from NYC to a global voice but in order for hip hop to be true we can’t expect others from different environments to be on the same theme as NY artist because of different cultures different weather different living conditions but we all have that same struggle to relate too

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Q: How would describe your type of rap music

A: Very emotional it’s a rollercoaster ride like life is sometimes it’s sometimes is fun i might be sad or overly excited even evil at times it’s just real rap not that exaggerated lifestyle tuff guy pimp shit.

Q: If not music, what else would Gramzunkut be doing?

A: I would be surviving still just making a way to be great

Q: Aside your rap skills, do you also produce, mix or write music for others?

A: I do occasionally write for people but i more so do consulting for others because of my promo & marketing background

Q: What is your, creative process like when you want to record a song?

A: Depends on the daily activities I’ll find a beat that suits my energy sip and smoke on something and start recording then playback my thoughts and start arranging them into a song

Q: Who is your biggest influence is the rap game?

A: Of course Tupac because underlined in all his lyrics is the knowledge that we as children of hip hop the black Americans the have nots can one day provide a better day for our children and communities

Q: Which of your song is your favorite and why?

A: I have to say lyrical theoropy “last twenty-four
It speaks to me and once to listen to it you will understand why it’s just a true story.

Q: This has been a good year for you, with your tracks emerging fan favorites. How do you feel about this?

A: It’s a great feeling to be heard and understood by others to know that my words can sway someone actions also provoke some to think about life and the paths that they my choose

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Q: What plans and message have you for your fans this year

A: Stay tuned for more GRAMZUNKUT/ Globalthugz music also some cool ass merch
Collaborations with my other businesses selfmadeleathers & DippinDoenutz

Q: What’s your take on African music and you looking forward to collaborating with any African act?

A:I’ve always been a fan of the music coming from Africa because it’s our native tounge also it’s live instruments so the sounds are amazing as far as collaborations with artist from Africa I’ve been doing some for some yrs now salute to DonGtz & Master-kaySA.


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