Flashback Friday: Top 7 Old Songs To Take You Right Back

It’s flashback Friday! There’s no better time to take a nostalgic trip down the memory to those days when Nigerian music industry had concrete storytelling and melodies as it structural backbone.

From Olamide to 2baba to Chuddy K and Reminisce, we’ve rounded up top 7 old songs that defined their era but still sound as fresh today as they did back then.

Olamide – Omo To San Ft. Wizkid

In collaboration with Wizkid, Olamide delivered one of the smashing hit songs to ever hit the mainstream in 2011. The record became an instant hit. You can’t attend any birthday party and not enjoy this groovy anthem.

When thus number was released, Olamide was signed to Coded tunes while Wizkid was with EME records.

Ihe neme – 2baba

Talk about a song we barely understood the lyrics but we scream at the top of our voice while singing it, then Ihe neme comes to mind. Did we vibe to it like we can’t do without it? Yes, we did

Ihe Neme is a dance hall record for partt freaks and it still get people moving on the dance floor even till dates.

Reminisce – Kako bi Chicken

Back then when Reminisce was on the street, no one does it like like him; Alaga Ibile.
Even though Reminisce is now a stylish actor, his hit track, Kako bi Chicken remains a classic in our records. The single has every thing in the right place.

Davido – Ekuro

If there’s one thing we are sure of, it’s that Ekuro was and still a bonafide hit.

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Being one of Davido’s breakout tracks, Ekuro is a pure love songs with soulful lines that mesmerise the heart of listeners especially ladies. This writer still wonders why Davido didn’t work on the remix of this fascinating jam.

Chuddy K – Gaga Crazy

There’s really no club or party you’ll get to when this track was released and the DJ won’t play this smashing tune. The Party is incomplete.

Cruddy K is one artist we wish we have around for a long time. Even though he’s out of the mainstream spotlight, we still can’t help but remember and enjoy this crazy jam from his archive.

Wizkid – I love my Baby

This is really one of my favorite songs and I won’t deny it. Wizkid always come through back then when guys pick lines from songs to impress ladies. And this beautiful track is one of such tracks. There’s really no way you will listen to this track and not see how far Wizkid has come.

Even though Starboy now sings for the international audience, sometimes we still wish to get a sterling jam like this from him.

Brymo – Ara

It’s right to say ‘Ara’ is an evergreen song. Regardless of time and season, the stunning track will always remain relevant.

Back then in 2011, Ara is one of the few songs that topped the Nigerian chart. It remains the best selling track on Brymo’s 2012 released sophomore album titled, TheSonOfaKapenta.


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