Definition: The Afrobeat EP To Doff Your Hat For

Straight outta booth after years of pelting, Hazino storms the industry with a cannon release of his first EP titled ‘Definition’. What better introductory reference would a foremost body of work bear. Without any further ado, let just right into what the 4 track EP possesses.

The first track, Young Boy starts with a sonorous rendition of sax and appealing voice calling out dreams and aspirations. The tickling of the strings combined with the leading soothing voice and the subtle high pitch isn’t only relaxing and comforting. It unveils the musical dexterity of the producer. Least expected, there couldn’t have been a better way to take off.

The following is Special is solely for the girls jampacked with lambas i.e teasers. This track is somewhat like that pack of flowers that your lady can’t resist. Special is a combustion of the exaggerative art of wooing and love as the sounds puts you through an ultimate guide of reconciliation and lovemaking in the nighttime.

Gbadun is for the girls again but with flirtation, choked with a couple of series of reverbed honks and slowing jamming vibe. The witty rhythmic acapella-like chorus and verse is the killer of this song. Gbadun is one hell of afrobeat with one tin tin, pim pim and gbim gbim (You just can’t get this until you hear it). Gbadun is a testimony of Hazino cunny wordplay and unconventional repetitive rhythmic style. How he gets away with this act and yet, amazingly entertaining can’t be underscored.

Steady is liable to secrete those hormones that get you excited and jiggy. The backing of the chorus, the chipmunking therein, the tangling of sounds and key and how some dope slow rap can accompany it.

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Definition is worthy of listening to every conceivable factor that makes up a good body of music. From lyricism, production, sound engineering and mastering, beat making and others. Without a doubt, Definition has set the young lad ahead on the path of his musical career. Truly, an EP to f**k with.

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