Asake: Progenitor of Neo Bounce and Street Hop

Nigeria music has been evolving forever and a very important figure at the moment manifesting the greatness of our time is Asake aka Mr Money.

He brings a different momentum entirely to the table. He is somewhat the melting point of extreme genres such as hip hop, rap, highlife, r n b and fuji among others to achieve the main priority, get you off your feet and move.

The tempo of his song place you on a steady pumping moment. It is followed with his cool blend of Nigeria vernacular often the Yoruba and pidgin English. His lyricism (lamba inclusive), rhyme and rhythms attest to musical skill and/or hardwork that makes his sound. The constant yet catchy and funky repetition of a word or group of words and how it sync with the beat production make Asake without a doubt, a street hop maestro. He has to get away with it because the outcome isn’t just cool but dope and funky.

Tracks such as ’Trabaye’ finds itself between an opera orchestra and groove. ’Palazzo’ has strong hip hop element yet blends seemless with new skool fuji and he switches up to rap. Asake is wittingly playful on the microphone. ‘PBUY’ is another track where he brought the feat on, sampling old hip hop Nigerian trio, Remedies ’Shakomo’ line. He is a hybrid of some music style all in one pack. It is somewhat like he delivers everything simultaneously, in unconventional energy and style, more especially the pump for the heavy bass line. This is what street hop is today, there is clearer justification for everyone to dance. Other tracks such as Sungba, Omo Ope, Gegeti and many more and testimonials.

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We may not be able to ascertain the start of street hop. However, it appears that it has been part and parcel of the Yoruba cultural life. Lagos, constituting of different diverse groups of people has had profound effect on what it has become today.

From juju, highlife, fuji, hip hop, jazz, native African song, r n b, amapiano and many other countless genres, street hop is an assembly ground for any sort. Funny enough, like Lagos accommodating everybody. It is what set it aside from other. Asake is at the forefront of the realization of the wonders.

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