Alhaji Sweetest: A Musical and Cultural Synergy

One may wonder why the name Alhaji Sweetest. It is courtesy of the ladies during his undergraduate days in respect to that he is sweet in look, fashion, appearance and most importantly, while singing. His craft started in contemporary English language. Afterward he defined his art as a ’local Hausa rapper’ and being reckoned with the North side the prefix ‘Alhaji’ came about.

Alhaji Sweetest may seem complex as he is from the south by origin but from the north, by upbringing. The Edo boy has been to virtually every state in Northern Nigeria, born in Bauchi and raised in Abuja.

As a child, he was always fascinated by sound and creativity which drew his attention to the drum sets. He started with scraps before the church became his place of practice. His love for Michael Jackson had a great influence on him which made him a break dancer. Later, he journeyed from a drummer of scraps to the church where he began to play professional rapper, to a break dancer for the passion and now a rapper for the hustle and grind.

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His parental upbringing has somewhat shaped how he makes his moves, raised by a strict soldier father. Alhaji Sweetest never looses his guard which has become an innate trait by nurture. He had made up his mind to be a professional rapper from his senior secondary school days and hurdled through with his mum’s support and the disciplinary of his father, Alhaji Sweetest is reaching for the stars. He is the first Nigerian youth to create and compile a music album for the National Youth Service Corp in 2015. This eventually earned him his first concrete support from his dad.

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Watch: Totori by Alhaji Sweetest

For music, he has rejected good paying jobs and a luxury apartment in Abuja to settle in Lagos. His level of confidence is quite amazing yet scary. Thus, he is certain of the breakthrough and ready to risk it all. In his words;

If music is food for the soul, I’ve got many to feed and the language is not a barrier

The Media and Film graduate was a popular figure in the University of Abuja during his undergraduate days. His side hustle of cinematography and film editing rode him to where he is today. It was while he was shooting Behind the Scene for a project, he met the CEO of his record label, Hondred Ghost Billionaires. And the rest is history.


Watch: No Balance by Hgb feat Jeff South, Alhaji Sweetest

Alhaji sweetest is without a doubt, a musical juggernaut. He encrypted with the vibe of Fela, Bob Marley, Mamman Shatta, Dan Marayan Jos and more who have made his musical personae.
He is one hell of a rapper and we are about to feel the heat. Who knows, he may be the synergy of the north and south.

His single and music video, ‘No Balance’ alongside record label mate, Jeff South is a good start. It is waving through the streams, streets and radio. In due time, more project will unfold.


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